Are you constantly tired ofyour car, but ain’t getting it done the right way?

If these are your constant worries, then all you need to do is take a moment and make your way to us!

About Al-Rawabit

Al RAWABIT PARKING CAR WASHING, a prominent and pioneering car washing company promises you nothing but a clean & squeaky car ready for the sporty drives again. Leave the dirt behind and just spare your car in the hands of professionals! We are not just another car washing company, we are a group of working experts who hire only the best professionals and the best working criteria’s for our customers.

Our company has its faith laid upon the concept of detailing which represents the maximum cleaning service, visual satisfaction and customer prioritization. Perfection cannot be achieved with mere thinking for which we believe in cleaning as an art. This art of cleaning makes us to lead with innovative cleaning methods that offers you with customized cleaning as well as supervision of your cars.

Our Vision

“ Your Car, Our Care” is not just a slogan for us, it is who we as a group are. This vision represents our company which firmly believes in the idea of cars as a small part of ones family and not just as driving objects. We work harder each day focusing on every minute area which leads into giving your car the shine and picture perfect look it deserves. We do not take a happy customer granted forever, but we thrive in making that same customer happy as many times the service demands.

Our Mission

The creative art of cleaning has always been our mission and it shall always be our top priority regarding customer satisfaction and service generation. Professionalism and versatility are our major company policies for delivering top notch cleaning services to our customers and also for articulating every area of excellence regarding your car care. We do not want your pocket empty; what we need is your trust. A service of true transparency and detailing is what AL RAWABIT has to offer.

Our Patron

Marwan Essa Hassan Juma AlBlooshi


We extend our gratitude and special thanks to our sponsor, Mr. Marwan Essa Hassan Juma AlBlooshi and his wife Mrs. Nada Ebrahim Eid Juma AlBlooshi